What is an eco-responsible construction?

An eco-responsible construction is a building or a house built with little negative impact on the environment

If this type of construction attracts more and more individuals, it is because it is more economical and much more environmentally friendly.

How is an eco-responsible construction builded?

1 . Use more ecological materials for an eco-responsible construction

The construction of a more ecological habitat necessarily involves the use of environmentally friendly materials. These types of materials are perfectly capable of fulfilling the same functions as those generally used in the building industry. They have similar thermal and acoustic properties and are as reliable, efficient and durable as the latter.

The advantage of eco-materials is that they fit perfectly into the standards and criterias concerning the respect of the planet. They are recyclable and have a good carbon footprint.

In this category of materials, you have: wood, breeze block or hemp.

For more information on this subject, I refer you to this article which explains precisely which are the main eco-responsible materials used in the construction field:


2. Opting for a dry construction process for an eco-responsible construction

Usually, in the construction’s field, it is the wet process, which is rather water consuming, that is used.

By opting for a dry process, you considerably reduce your water and energy use.

It is a faster construction method that uses the codes of factory assembly and the use of prefabricated materials

With this method, construction is much faster due to the absence of drying time.

You will be able to easily assemble your materials, regardless of the outdoor conditions. This will greatly speed up your construction. Finally, this mode of construction is :

  • more ecological, because we can use eco-materials;
  • it demands less energy;
  • consumes little or no water.

This method therefore has all the necessary criterias to correspond to an eco-construction.

For more information about this method, I invite you to follow this link:


3. Choosing a good site for an eco-responsible construction

To make your home perfectly ecological, it is important that the land you choose has good ecological assets.

You can optimize the lighting in your house by analyzing the position of the sun. It is also possible to ensure natural ventilation by the direction in which the wind generally points in the area. Good vegetation could guarantee a healthier climate and good sources of shade.

By optimizing your eco-building according to the ecological advantages of the land you will be able to :

  • better manage the temperature variations inside;
  • define a good isolation strategy;
  • take advantage of all the benefits that the land has to offer.

A good plot of land will allow you to build in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

The real estate hunter can also help in this type of project by accompanying the search for the ideal land.

4. Entrust the project to a professional

The realization of an eco-responsible construction differs from that of a traditional building.

You must work with a specialized company in this type of project in order to have more guarantees on the quality of the work.

It would be best to contact a certified company in the field so that you can get the best advice and the best craftsmen.

You will be better accompanied at each step of the eco-construction process from the definition of the project to its realization.

From the choice of materials to the choice of professionals, each parameter will help make your building a little more eco-responsible.